1. Know the rules – check the race site for course specific regulations. Also see www.TriathlonCanada.com and the International Triathlon Union www.triathlon.org (ITU) for official triathlon sport rules and regulations. ITU Competition Rules | Triathlon Ontario Resources

2. Spirit of the sport: Safety and fairness first. Treat other competitors, officials, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy.

3. Equipment: Be sure your equipment is tuned and safety checked before you start the race. Check the race rules regarding equipment restrictions eg number of spokes, race wheels, clipless pedals. Shirts or tanks must always be worn. The race number must always be visible.

4. Swim: Any stroke, even doggy paddle, can be used BUT no running along the shallow end. You can stand in the water, if you need a rest. Bathing cap must be worn and usually is marked. No kicking or grabbing other swimmers. Wet suit can be worn depending on race regulations and the temperature. Goggles and nose clips are ok but fins and paddles are not. Always go around the outside of the buoy unless otherwise instructed.

5. Bike: Usually any two wheel road bike is ok as long as the brakes are functional. Mountain bikes and hybrid bikes are also usually permitted. Check to see what pedals are allowed – some types of clipless pedals are not permitted. Baskets are not allowed in kids races! Before the race, note the marked mount and dismount zone. Bike helmet must be worn at all times while riding and must not be cracked. The helmet must be clipped on before handling the bike. Never cross over into the oncoming lane/path/road. Never block another cyclist. Check to see if drafting is permitted.

6. Run: Any pace is permitted but no crawling. No pacer bunnies nor pets. Check to see if runner strollers are permitted.

7. Transitions: No spectators or pets in the transition zone. Pick up your bike from the stands and walk it to the mount zone. Return your bike to the exact location where you picked it up. Usually 1.5 feet are allocated for hanging your bike.

8. Do: Arrive and set up early, check race start and age category start time. Tune up your bike before the race. Keep your transition area tidy and tucked away. Be familiar with the race course before you start. Clip on your helmet BEFORE you handle your bike.

9. Don’t: No headsets, ipods, bringing your comfy chair or fan club into the transition zone, hang your bike or equipment in your neighbours transition space. No glass containers in the racing area. Don’t deviate from the marked race course. Don’t warm up or cool down in the race track/path while the race is still going on.

10. Unwritten rules: Have fun and treat your fellow racers as your friends. Always pass on the left and give a head’s up. If a racer is down, ask if they need you to call for help.
Volunteers and race officials can issue warnings and/or disqualify racers for non-compliance.

Race Day Schedule

7:00 - 8:30 am Check-in / Race Kit Pick-up
8:30 am Pre-Race Meeting. Race overview
9:00 am (sharp) Race start
11:00 am (approx.) Awards Ceremony

Timing Chips

Timing chips are provided by ChipTime Results

Race Rules